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This moment alone was worth staying up for

Jonathan Toews skates off the ice as blood drips down his face after a big hit against the Blues. — Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune, April 17, 2014 [x]

“Hockey fans couldn’t care less whether or not you accept their sport, whether you think it worthy of coverage, whether it won its time slot in the Nielsen ratings. You are a mere visitor to their lands. If you enjoy the game, that’s great, but if not, they don’t need you. This will always be their game.”

Will Leitch (via massholehackey)


my team lost

no one deserves happiness


in case you haven’t heard this today:

  • you’re amazing
  • you’re cute
  • your smile is beautiful
  • you’re beautiful
  • you’re loved
  • you deserve to live
  • you’re strong
  • you can do this

and i am so fucking proud of you for still being here


4/13/14: Nick Leddy asks the questions after trouncing his opponents soundly at the bowling alley

Shaw: “Team Shaw is not feeling too hot right now.”

Leddy: *slouches* “Team Leddy is feeling just fine.”

playoff preview » chicago blackhawks [C3]