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"just imagine" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips [dont judge me i really have nothing else to read]
waiting for the hockey season and the qualification for men's european championship in basketball to start
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"You did something to my friend?"

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im honestly gonna cry. why the fuck cant i sleep. i didnt have dinner, didnt drink after like 8pm, went to sleep two hours after that, FELL ASLEEP and now IM AWAKE AGAIN. WHY CANT I SLEEP, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

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Seabrook/Toews Roommate Story (BHC2014

"Every month we changed the captains, and it was the day they named me and Jonny the assistants.

"I was sleeping, and I always woke Jonny up. He was just sitting downstairs, eating his breakfast and watching TV, and I was still sleeping - I must’ve slept through my alarm. I ran downstairs, I was all freaked out - we had about half an hour to get out to the Edge. And I run to Jonny’s room, he’s not there, he’s downstairs eating breakfast.

"I run downstairs, I’m like, "What are you doing? We gotta go to practice!"

"He’s like, "Aw, I thought we had the day off or something, ‘cause you were sleeping in - you didn’t wake me up."

"So we jumped into the car and ran to the rink.

"Jonny was…he sorta…had some tough moments as a young guy. But he was a great roommate, a lot of fun, and our relationship started from that point; we had a lot of fun together."

I feel so much better for saying yes to things. It has improved my confidence drastically, and it’s made me want to go out and do more things that i’d normally never think/want to do. It’s making me feel a lot more positive, and with positivity, comes happiness.

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(x) name tags

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mini mcguinness + hair porn

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havent slept since i made the last text post + about 30 minutes before that. im tired, my eyes hurt but i just cant fall asleep. its 6:16am my time at the moment…

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shit. i woke up like 30 minutes ago, now it is 4:10 am my time and i cant fall asleep. i think i woke up because of the heat, besides, i dont feel to well…



Hello! So as I’ve been mentioning these past couple of days, I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway. I have plenty on Jersey’s, team sweaters and even a couple of hats, but I either wear them all the time, or they’re just too old to giveaway to anyone. So I decided that instead of entering for a item that you wouldn’t really want, why not enter for the chance to win whichever item you’d like? As long as your shirt/hat/whatever is located on shop.nhl.com, it can be bought for you.


  • The winner of this giveaway will get the chance to get a Shirsey (1) of their choice, and a Plush toy (1) of their choice.
  • If you win, you must be okay with giving out a mailing address so I can ship the item to you.
  • You can enter by both favoriting and reblogging.
  • You can enter as many times as you’d like.
  • I will be picking the winner August 5th, after 10:00 PM EDT. If the winner doesn’t want to be published, then I will let everyone know that I have messaged the winner.
  • You must be following me to win, because I love meeting new people. Plus I promise I’m cool. I also follow back if you’re a hockey blog so yeah.
  • The winner will be chosen based off of a random number generator.
  • Lastly, this giveaway is worldwide so happy dance. Shipping and handling will be paid my moi so you won’t have to worry about anything but picking your item.

This contest will end AUGUST 5TH at 10:00 PM EDT! Good luck to everyone!

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WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

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